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Dear Sir/Madam!

We would like to invite you to participate at the International Conference on Distric Energy 2016. The event will take place in Grand Hotel Bernardin in Portorož, begining on 20 – 22 March 2016.

This year’s conference will host a number of recognised guests from Slovenia and abroad. In the panel discussion our guests will focus on current trends, political decisions and international directions in district energy.

All those willing to contribute to the conference programme are welcome to submit abstracts for their presentations (300 to 400 words) to the following e-mail address: #EM#6b6e6c65617763696b684a7868696b216378#EM#.

The conference and presentations will focus on the following thematic areas:
  • National Energy Concept and District Energy
  • Natural Gas
  • District Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Solutions and Energy Efficiency
  • Process Management in District Energy

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 14 December 2015
Notification of the receipt of articles submitted will be prepared by the Technical Committee by 22 December 2015.

Conference registration
You can find all information on registration, event, paper submission and other possible form of participation in INVITATION, on our website, or you can contact us on +386 1 40 12 872. You can submit your registration via online APPLICATION FORM. Upon registration, we will send you a pre-invoice, as well as all necessary logistic details.


The International Conference on District Energy 2016 gives a great opportunity to promote the activities of company. The way of participation can be chosen from the enclosed OFFER (page 7). For additional information please contact Mateja Kegel Kozlevčar (+386 1 40 12 872) or #EM#6b6e6c65617763696b684a7868696b216378#EM#.

Registration fee

Registration fee for partifcipants:
  • SDDE members 330,00 EUR
  • SDDE Non-members 370,00 EUR
  • Lecturers 270,00 EUR
  • Accompanying persons *180,00 EUR
*It includes participation at the opening, lunch and gala dinner.
Prices is without VAT.

Registration fee inclues:
Participation at the conference
Conference materials
Lunch, light snacks during the breaks and gala dinner
NOTE: Accomodations is not included in registration fee!

Registration is possible with the APPLICATION FORM. After registration we will send you further information.

The official languages of the conference are Slovene and English. Simultaneous interpretation will be available throughout the conference for an undisturbed flow of ideas from one language to the other.

Introduction speach

Challenges of District Energy in changing World

This year's International Conference on District Energy celebrates its 19th edition. It is of particular importance that it is being held during the intensive last stages of the creation of a national energy strategy, a document Slovenia has lacked for years. The strategy has been lacking as a guiding document which must navigate towards national targets, as well as a roadmap along the paths we are obliged to set and walk in the future. We have learned that the paths leading towards nationally binding targets should be predictable.

It is true that all roads lead to Rome. This could very well apply to the energy industry, as binding targets can be met in various ways. Which is the right one, the most suitable for us and for future generations, depends solely on our decisions. Nevertheless, the question is whether we are already wise enough to evaluate the distance travelled and, at the same time, recognise the possibilities of future paths. Have we already established which way is false, or too expensive, futile, or which one to choose at all? From the outset of the conference, it will be beneficial to consider and focus on these possibilities in the light of district energy, and to establish which directions and obstacles to avoid.

Without doubt, district energy is one of the promising energy paths – albeit a dynamic but difficult one – which, in the national energy map, has so far been pushed to the ‘appendix’. Our international conferences have contributed to the paths being well maintained and passable.

I am confident that with Slovenia’s new Energy Concept these areas are gaining in importance – to the degree that they will combine all energy sources, all energy services, and all energy markets – thus justifying investments in them. Furthermore, the demand for energy in Slovenia is waning, with estimates for 2015 indicating a consumption of 264.6 PJ, down 4.7 % from the previous year. Meanwhile, the country’s district heat consumption in 2015 is estimated at 9,210.4 TJ, seeing almost no decrease.

I believe that gas, nevertheless a fossil fuel, is an environmentally friendly energy source which can easily travel the district energy paths, and which can help us climb the highest peaks of our energy targets. Our company, Plinovodi, strives to take gas where opportunities lie, where it can compete with other energy sources and prove its sustainability. Our company can tackle any challenge to which the EU energy guidelines and this conference have thrown open the door.

Plinovodi is honoured to have the opportunity to be one of the leading companies behind the International Conference on District Energy 2016, which is organised by the Slovene District Energy Association (SDDE), especially during the development of the National Energy Policy. Personally, I look forward to meeting you and to our exchange of knowledge and experience.

Marjan Eberlinc
Chair of the Organising Committee
General Manager, Plinovodi, d. o. o.